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1000mg CBD Oil with Curcumin

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Our patented nanotechnology behind each oil achieves absorption of up to 90%, a significant increase from other off-the-shelf oils of approximately 15% absorption.

Our 1000mg CBD oil is combined with Curcumin, the primary active ingredient in turmeric. Research suggests that Curcumin may serve as a natural anti-inflammatory, and therefore may help with inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. Additional research suggests Curcumin may help with exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness.

Each dose contains 26.67mg high quality CBD.

Each oil is packed with an abundance of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant to generate the "entourage effect", where the compounds work together in synergy. Our hemp plants are grown in pesticide and herbicide-free farms. All of our oils are 0% THC.

Please note Curcumin is a potent colouring agent and may stain clothes and surfaces.



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