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There is a lot of speculation about CBD - what it is, where it comes from and its effects on the human body. Whatever your preconceptions, they are most likely inaccurate!

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of 100+ natural compounds found in the hemp plant.

This compound has received a lot of attention in recent years, firstly due to its approval for the treatment of certain forms of epilepsy.

Promising studies now focus on CBD and its use in chronic pain & inflammation, as well as trouble sleeping and anxiety.

No, you will not!

Hemp and marijuana, although the same species of cannabis plant, are not the same. The key difference is the chemical composition and level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in each

THC is the psychoactive compound, or chemical that makes you "high". Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, whereas marijuana contains up to 30% THC.

Our products are stringently tested to ensure our products contain 0% THC, and our lab results
prove it.

See our blog for more info.

Several studies , including a statement from the World Health Organisation (WHO) , have concluded that CBD oil is extremely safe , as well as non-addictive. 

The 100+ cannabinoids in the hemp plant interact with the body’s
endocannabinoid system (ECS), a signalling system highly concentrated throughout muscles and the nervous system.

The ECS plays a role in maintaining a steady internal state, as well as the modulation of pain, sleep, stress response, mood, memory and the immune system.

In short, it's the absorption. We increase the absorption of CBD oils from approx 18% to 85%.

The body has an extremely low propensity to absorb CBD, along with other compounds including curcumin (turmeric).

Studies demonstrate that approximately 18% of CBD reaches our cells. Our patented nanotechnology increases these absorption rates to more than 85%, allowing more CBD into the bloodstream. The more CBD in the bloodstream, the more available to interact with the body's muscles, endocannbinoid system and various other systems.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Due to the variability in our body weight, metabolism and genetic makeup there is no-one-size-fits all dose.

Each person tends to have their own optimal dose, so it is therefore recommended to start out on 25mg CBD/day and slowly increasing your intake every few days until you reach the desired effects.

Absorption increases by 3-10 times when taking the oil under the tongue, compared to swallowing it.

Sublingual administration (under the tongue) avoids the metabolism that would otherwise take place in the stomach. Absorption into the bloodstream is increased, thereby allowing more CBD to reach our cells.

The more CBD that reaches our cells, the more it can interact with the body and its various systems!

Yes, CBD is legal in many countries across the world, including the USA, Canada & the European Union to name a few.

Legislation varies by country, generally focusing on the levels of THC present, the chemical that causes psychoactive effects, or the "high" associated with cannabis. The maximum levels of THC are determined by each country, ranging from 0.3% (USA), 0.2% (UK & most EU countries) and 0% (Ireland).

Our oils contain 0% THC, demonstrated in our lab results.

Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils are similar; they both contain a 'spectrum' of cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work together in harmony to produce what is called an “entourage effect”.

Broad spectrum oils have undergone an extraction process to remove THC, the chemical that induces the psychoactive effect or "high" that people associate marijuana with. All of our oils are broad spectrum and have undergone the extraction process to remove THC.

Full spectrum oils contain the same compounds as broad spectrum, however the oils have not gone through the THC extraction process. Typically, full spectrum oils contain <0.02%, however some oils contain more which is why the associated lab results are critical to ensure the levels of THC are at a minimum.

Oils containing CBD isolate have extracted, pure CBD only. They do not contain other cannabinoids, and therefore do not stimulate the "enotourage effect".


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