Our Journey


VITA Botanica began when Nicholas Deeney (above) began exploring natural remedies to alleviate a bout of anxiety and sleepless nights, a common experience faced in his life.
After discovering the benefits of CBD, as a neuroscientist in the midst of his PhD, Nicholas delved deeper into the biochemical interactions between this compound and the body's nervous system.

After much research into the products available on the market, he was dissatisfied with the poor quality lab results demonstrating huge variability and inconsistency between products. The result? VITA Botanica was established.

A significant challenge for CBD is the body's low propensity to absorb, and therefore, make use of this compound.
We have now overcome this barrier with a technology that increases the absorption of CBD from approximately 15% to 85%. The more CBD absorbed, the more it can interact with our body!

Not only do our products contain high quality CBD, but this technology puts us at the forefront of innovation that differentiates us from the rest.


At Vita Botanica, we source, develop and market premium CBD products of the highest quality to refresh, revitalize and reenergise the human mind and body. Our purpose is to provide high quality CBD products that embody our values; blending innovation, integrity & transparency, which are represented at each step of the CBD product life cycle.


Our vision is to firmly establish ourselves as Europe’s most innovative CBD brand. This will be achieved through our customer-centric philosophy, whereby our passion to serve the customer is the backbone of our product development process. The values and needs of the customer serve as the driver of our product development pipeline.