How to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine

How to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine

The popularity of CBD has skyrocketed in recent years, now a fundamental component of countless wellness routines, but why is this? CBD infused products have become more and more popular over the years, from skin care and muscle recovery, to now becoming an optional supplement to your coffee or tea. CBD is seemingly everywhere.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound found in the hemp plant. It has received a great deal of attention in recent years due to its involvement with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a key component of the central nervous system that modulates many processes in the body, including pain sensation, mood, appetite, sleep and many more. There are several methods to take CBD, the most popular and effective routes outlined below. For example, if you were to take CBD to assist with joint pain, muscle recovery and inflammation, you can either take an oil under the tongue or you can apply directly using a topical cream.

How can I make it part of my wellness routine?


CBD Oils are a by far the most popular way of taking CBD. but with this they have more variety in how and why they can be used as part of your wellness routine. Many of us take CBD oils to relax the body, thereby relieving us of anxiety and stress , in addition to improving periods of poor sleep. This is why adding CBD to your nightly routine, say leaving it beside your toothbrush or nightstand, is common practice to ensure we don’t forget!

When it comes to reducing stress and anxiety throughout the day, it can be beneficial to take your CBD as part of your morning routine. This way we can see the benefits last throughout the day. Once added to your routine, simply spray the CBD oil under your tongue (leave for 1 minute) to finish the morning off and get ready for the day ahead!

Skin Care

If you are familiar with our products, you will be familiar with our Miracle Balm, a powerful healing balm that possesses many nourishing properties, derived from the traditional calendula, hemp seed oil and CBD to aid the recovery process. It is used to treat wounds, as well as inflamed, dry or aggravated skin including psoriasis, eczema and acne. Adding a skincare product like this can be easier than other products, as many of us have already established a nightly routine so by simply adding one more before settling into bed we can develop a consistent routine.


If you are looking to improve recovery through topicals, such as our Muscle & Joint Recovery cream, then simply keeping it in your gym bag, or having it close by after you exercise can make it easier to remember! Apply the cream after training, or simply when relaxing at home, to the targeted area in order to gain the best results of this recovery product! We have infused menthol into our Muscle & Joint recovery cream to create a cooling effect (cryotherapy), providing instant relief, in addition to arnica, comfrey and camphor to reduce excess inflammation thereby maximising your recovery to get you back to doing what you love!

CBD Infused foods and beverages

Infusing CBD to your favourite foods & beverages give us a alterative and convenient way of taking CBD throughout the day, particularly for those who struggle to remember in the morning. Adding some CBD oil to your coffee or having a CBD infused gummy (watch this space) can make life a bit easier as they can be more manageable for those dealing with the hustle and bustle of life as they prepare to get ready for work.

Adding CBD to your wellness routine can be like adding anything really - a little daunting and challenging in the beginning, however with the many ways to take CBD it is easier than ever to incorporate it into our busy schedules!

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