CBD: News & Reports

CBD: News & Reports

Dozens of cannabis-derived products recalled since 2021,

According to ‘The Journal’ since the beginning of 2021, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) have issued over a dozen alerts to CBD Oil Companies over the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC, in a variety of products1.

The popularity of CBD has skyrocketed in recent years, typically used as a natural remedy for several ailments such as pain, inflammation, sleep, anxiety and even for recovery fitness2. THC is the compound found in cannabis that is responsible for the “high” associated with the plant. The presence of THC in products is legal, however a maximum percentage of 0.3% is permitted.

In January, a brand was forced to recall their products due the presence of THC in their products in higher amounts than allowed under European regulations. This is where the problem lies in an industry that does not have black and white rules & regulations, which can prevent these products getting on the market.

Placing poor-quality products onto the market contributes to the already stigmatized CBD industry, a reason why brands and manufacturers that strive for excellence are crying out for a clear, concise and regulated framework for products containing CBD.

At Vita Botanica, we lab test each of our products to pharmaceutical grade standards, removing THC to non-detectable levels, making us an excellent choice for anyone looking for high quality, THC-free products. Our products are ideal for those looking to improve, sleep, recovery, anxiety and several others, without the worry of THC. 1-[1]


CBD & Spa treatments

If you are familiar with our products, you will know we have topicals to help improve damaged, dry, or inflamed skin, with a muscle & joint cream to aid recovery on the way. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD demonstrated have have led to an insurgence of CBD being used in skincare products and spa treatments, including “CBD spa hotels” in the UK to Thailand to LA and Switzerland9.

According to the Independent, back in 2019, Kim Kardashian organised a CBD themed baby shower, and three years later we are witnessing prestigious hotels such as the Gstaad Palace in Switzerland offering high tech CBD treatments to clients, other hotels offering a similar service are, Anantara’s Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Ko Samui hotels are rolling out hemp or CBD spa treatments.

Spa treatments can feature a scrub down of CBD oil, rose petals, lavender and hemp leave, infused teas, bath in cannabis infused herbs and CBD oil massages.

CBD interacts with the body via its endocannabinoid system; a system that modulates several processes n the body, including pain regulation, sleep cycle, inflammation, appetite, and immune system response among others. Despite not being ingested like droppers, topicals still engage with the cannabinoid receptors in our nervous and immune system when absorbed into the skin.[4]


CBD & Sport Sponsorships

A CBD company made headlines in June 2021 for being the first CBD company to become a title sponsor for a NASCAR Cup Series race, the Pocono Organics CBD 325. Despite this, CBD companies have been sponsoring sporting events for some time now - a month prior, in May 2021, CBDMD announced its partnership with the NOBULL CrossFit Games. CBD companies have paired with CrossFit as far back as 2018 becoming a sponsor of the competition and their other regional events. CBD is becoming popular among athletes due to its anti-inflammatory properties which can aid the muscle recovery process, hence why CBD sponsorship is growing, albeit still in its infancy.



In 2020, the largest female and elder of an African elephant enclosure at the Warsaw Zoo passed away, leading to confusion among three younger elephants that struggled with their new roles, and one even showing signs of grieving. Fredzie the elephant was struggling to cope and had shown signs of depression and anxiety during this mourning period. [8]

In an attempt to help reduce Fredzia’s anxiety during mourning, the zookeepers are currently undertaking an experiment on Fredzia’s cortisol levels (stress hormone) following the administration of CBD, due to elephants sharing the same hormones as humans. The results are expected to be released in August of this year, so keep an eye out for the results!

This experiment is being conducted as CBD has shown to reduce anxiety in human adults, with one study focusing on CBD use in 72 adults demonstrating difficulties with anxiety or sleep. Of the 47 participants that struggled with anxiety, anxiety scores decreased and remained low within the first month of using CBD. This will hopefully be applicable to Fredzia as the zookeepers look to reduce her anxiety and stress levels using CBD too!





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