CBD for Energy & Productivity

CBD for Energy & Productivity

We all love a lazy Sunday to refuel before the week ahead, thereby prevent us from being exhausted at the day’s end. Our increasingly busy lives have led to an increase in caffeine intake as a way of compensating for our demanding schedules.

If we want to maximise our productivity levels during the week, we need to evaluate how we can maintain our energy levels to allow us focus throughout the day. So, how does CBD come into the equation?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and has been intensely researched in recent years due to its interaction our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), an essential part of our central nervous system that modulates several processes in the body, including mood, pain regulation, sleep cycle, inflammation, appetite, and immune system response, among others.

Stress & Anxiety 

CBD may help by improving your sleep and making you feel more energised, while also reducing anxiety. When we feel tired, we tend to overload our bodies with caffeine in order to offset the tiredness. This can have a catch-22 effect by contributing to over-anxiousness, further harming our productivity and sleep as our energy is used, and wasted, on overanxious thoughts and inadequate sleep.


One study focused on seventy-two participants who took CBD to combat poor sleep and anxiety. Within the first month, positive results were demonstrated, with 67% of individuals displaying improved sleep scores, as well as a significant reduction in anxiety scores.


If you are up to date with our blogs you will know that most adults do not obtain adequate sleep, likely leading to increased caffeine intake. So, can CBD help with this? As CBD interacts with our ECS, which maintains the body’s internal state, particularly when off-balance (eg tired or anxious). The daily intake of CBD can have a positive effect through the ECS by improving sleep quality, consistency, and duration.

Sleep tracking apps, such as Fitbit and WHOOP, have become more popular as people attempt to develop a robust sleep schedule in order to improve their daily lives. WHOOP noted in their tips to improve sleep that a “large portion of WHOOP users anecdotally noted an improvement in sleep when taking CBD”. Improved, consistent sleep will leave you more energised to take on the day ahead and become your most productive self!


The interaction between CBD and our ECS can play a massive role in elevating our energy levels. Typically, when people look to improve both their mental and physical health, the first port of call includes physical exercise. As a result, there is a excess of inflammation in the body, thereby impeding the recovery process. The ECS plays a significant role in regulating the body’s inflammation levels, therefore CBD’s role as an anti-inflammatory can reduce the heaviness caused in your body’s muscles, thereby accelerating the recovery process!


It is vital to obtain the proper amount of nutrients from our diet to ensure we reach the required energy levels for the day ahead; this may involve improving your appetite. If you are not getting enough food to fuel your body, you will feel lethargic and over-reliant on caffeine to perform basic tasks. CBD may help improve your appetite, if this is a struggle for you, again through interacting with the ECS, the body’s regulator of appetite.


CBD can play a major role in improving energy levels, however, will not serve as the magic piece to the puzzle. Instead, like all supplements, it can be utilised to improve other aspects of your day including, sleep, anxiety, appetite and more, which can together contribute to a healthier life and improved energy levels.

As CBD is classified as a food supplement, medical claims cannot be made. Our products do not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition or disease, nor be taken as a substitute for a varied diet.

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