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Water soluble & nano CBD - what is it?

‘Regular’ CBD oil does not mix with water and floats to the surface of a water-based solutions. Our body is no different, which results in over 80% of normal CBD oils passing through the body unused. Water Soluble CBD oil disperses in all water-based solutions like a cloud, and this also true to our body. Our nano water soluble CBD disperses throughout the body, absorbing up to 90% of of our nano water soluble CBD oils, to generate the full effects within minutes.

Water soluble CBD oil has been broken down using our nanotechnology to make the particles smaller, which absorbs into the body much more easily, allowing the CBD to take effect faster and allowing it to easily mix with water or food.

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CBD, menopause and HRT. Does CBD work with HRT? CBD oil Ireland Dublin
CBD has become a key area of interest for women experiencing symptoms of menopause, offering a potential low-risk treatment for particular symptoms. Many of the symptoms associated with HRT include the most common reasons for taking CBD Oil; stiffness of joints through inflammation, headaches or migraines, acne, anxiety, depression and mood, in turn disruption of sleep. Check out this blog post for all the current info!
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Legality of CBD
CBD oils and ingestible products, such as oils, are defined as food supplements, which are 100% legal. Hemp (high CBD/low THC) has traditionally been used in herbal preparations and ointments going back thousands of years.
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How to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine
The popularity of CBD has skyrocketed in recent years, now a fundamental component of countless wellness routines, but why is this? CBD infused products have become more and more popular over the years, from skin care and muscle recovery, to now becoming an optional supplement to your coffee or tea. CBD is seemingly everywhere.
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CBD for Energy & Productivity

We all love a lazy Sunday to refuel before the week ahead, thereby prevent us from being exhausted at the day’s end. Our increasingly busy lives have led to an increase in caffeine intake as a way of compensating for our demanding schedules.

If we want to maximise our productivity levels during the week, we need to evaluate how we can maintain our energy levels to allow us focus throughout the day. So, how does CBD come into the equation?

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